He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.
1 John 4,8-9

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The gathering of the fallen angels

přišlo mailem

The gathering´s finished.With impatience, demons were gone to carry out their tasks and cause the Christians all over the world to scramble for building up organizations and projects.So that they wouldn´t have any time for God, family and in short, for nothing…. The gathering of the fallen angels


Satan´s called a world assembly of the fallen angels.By way of introduction he utter towards his wicked stooges: „We can´t take the Bible from them and prevent them from knowing the truth.We can´t separate them from the biblical values but we have to do something else.We have to prevent them from forming the intimate relationship with the Christ.When they establish contact with him our power over them´s broken.Therefore, don´t prevent them from going to church. Don´t take them the conservative lifestyle but let´s focus on their leisure time so that they couldn´t experience the intensive closeness and connection with Christ, especially so that by no means they wouldn´t establish personal relation with him.
The best way of reaching this goal will be to hinder their effort to be alone with their Saviour.We have to be in their presence all the day long so that we could prevent them from being in such an important contact.“How shall we do it?“ the demons cried.“Keep them busy with the trifles of life and make use of huge number of effective tricks to take their mind off things.”he replied.”Tempt them to spend, spend and spend and then to borrow, borrow and borrow.Swamp their letterboxes with the advertising mail, handouts, mail-order catalogues and offers of free goods, offer services and false hopes.Let the money always be placed first in their life.Convince women to refuse having children so that they can go to work and the career will be more important for them than their family.
Let the husband work six or seven days a week, from ten to twelve hours a day so that they can afford living beyond their means.Prevent parents from spending their time with children.Their family´s going to desintegrate.Home won´t anymore grant protection to the family against the pressure of everyday worries.Provoke their senses so that they won´t listen to the quiet voice and metitate on the Word of God.They´ll grow accustomed to having their radio on all the time.They´ll listen to our music whenever they drive the cars.Talk people into having the radio, video, CD or computer on.Let the loud music play in all the shops and restaurants.All these things´ll shout down their mind, they won´t be able to listen to one another and it´ll break their unity with Christ.Remember to fill their bedside tables with magazines and papers.Bombard their brains with news all twenty-four hours a day.
Entertain them at the weekends.Let them go back to work exhausted, noisy and unprepared for the next week.Don´t let them go to the country and think about God´s miracles.Give them bread and circuses, let them have a fling during the sports events and at the concerts.Prepare them feast for the eyes.Let movies entertain them, provoke their sensuality.Don´t forget about the billboards by the roads.And don´t leave them in peace even on holiday.Send them to the exotic places, to the funfairs…..Let them enjoy themselves in the same way as the world´s having a fling.
And when they gather together for the prayer meeting pass them gossip and title-tatle from the world, make them nervous and mainly don´t let them draw the strenth from the Word of God and sacraments.Allow them to take part in the different projects.The more of them, the better.Overfill their lives with the inexhaustible quantity of good reasons for not having any time for prayer nor the occasion for seeking the God´s power.They´re going to work on their own soon.
The gathering´s finished.With impatience, demons were gone to carry out their tasks and cause the Christians all over the world to scramble for building up organizations and projects.So that they wouldn´t have any time for God, family and in short, for nothing. So that they would dash around like a mad thing, back and forth.Was the devil´s plan successful? Judge for yourselves.
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