But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept.
1 Corinthians 15,20

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Vlasta a Dušan Maceškovi

They went through Israel, Alfa until they ended up in Jesus´s heart

Vlasta a Dušan Maceškovi

Travelling round the world is their hobby, they´ve been almost to every place in the world but they haven´t visited Israel yet.And so they are the only ones among the other pilgrims who aren´t interested in Jesus´s traces.However, only until the moment when they start to get acquainted with the life and places of our Saviour… read the whole testimony »

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převzato od P.Eliase Velly

I didn´t know I needed the conversion

převzato od P.Eliase Velly

I preached, carried out my priesthood duties diligently.And like this I supposed I was with Him.It has never crossed my mind that I needed to be fully converted.They started to pray for the descent of the Holy Spirit upon me.However, I thought I had it all.But I didn´t have anything.I spoke about the Spirit but I haven´t encountered the Spirit yet. I taught about Christ but I haven´t really met Christ. read the whole testimony »

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Blanka Podestátová

Thank you….AD 2007

Blanka Podestátová

Thalét from Miletus is said to observe the starry sky when he walked and at the same time he fell in the well for water.The servant saw it and laughed at him.The laugh of this servant can be heard during the history of mankind.It´s the laugh of people who don´t look up.They´ve sorted out all their problems and are quick at repartee.They think to give right opinion on everything and like to judge.They´re managers of their lives.It´s impossible for them to be touched by the stars in the sky and th ... read the whole testimony »

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Ludvík Šojdr

Satan – stark naked

Ludvík Šojdr

During this experience I realized that this is just the situation that Satan or his servants demons don´t wish to happen at all.That in fact he´s recognized.That the whole disgust, of which he is the carrier, is completely uncovered before all the present people. read the whole testimony »

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Markéta Herková

He was shining like the sun!

Markéta Herková

On that evening I lay down to my brother´s bed, was awake, was lying on my back and looking at the dark ceiling.I was pretty down in the dumps.I remember communicating mentally with someone but don´t know anymore what it was about.I remember telling someone ( I didn´t believe in Jesus ) :”Reveal yourself to me.!” At that moment a beautiful and dazzlingly shining figure appeared above me…. read the whole testimony »

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Ludvík Šojdr

Even in politics God can do only what we allow him

Ludvík Šojdr

In a way politics concern me more than anyone else and that´s why I do care about how much room the only parliamentary Christian party in this country gives to God.So, I had a try at telling publicly my opinion and testimony to some members of KDU-CSL party before the pre-election congress in Vsetín…… read the whole testimony »

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Kopečná Marie

To have God´s love in your heart

Kopečná Marie

But there was pride, selfishness and envy in my heart. I didn´t realize that I was doing lots of things that God didn´t want from me and that actually I was doing everything on my own but I didn´t ask at all whether it was his will. read the whole testimony »

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Stanislav Macák

From Buddha to Jesus

Stanislav Macák

And then it happened.I don´t know how but out of the blue some flame came down to the flame of the candle and it was enormous.It was about fifty cm tall, approximately two or three cm broad…..This flame covered all the candle.I was scared out of my wits because the flame went with some roar….. read the whole testimony »

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Tomáš Smítal

How I believed

Tomáš Smítal

But I was taken aback by one thing.By the fact that I was feeling there differently.There was something I hadn´t known.Nowdays I know it was God´s love. read the whole testimony »

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Irena Doležalová

The gift of the Holy Spirit

Irena Doležalová

And then it happened.Suddenly I could feel – it was like hot chocolate that was flowing through me into Michele´s shoulders.Tears of happiness welled up in my eyes when Michele told me after the prayer that she could feel the wonderful warmth. read the whole testimony »

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Miloš Popp

I was out of my body

Miloš Popp

I started shouting: Jesus, Jesus, take me away from here. After a few seconds, I had a feeling as if I were sucked back into my body. I haven´t even touched the meditations since….. read the whole testimony »

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Olga Tomaštíková

I´ve received the gift of prayers in tongues

Olga Tomaštíková

The course Filip enabled me to experience the moments of close proximity to God and to the Holy Spirit.I was also given the grace of receiving the gift of prayers in tongues… read the whole testimony »

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Ludvík Šojdr

Jesus´s healed me

Ludvík Šojdr

... Jesus took away my back trouble once and for all, completely and definitely… read the whole testimony »

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I didn´t expect anything and received a lot

Josef Zetík

I was under the impression that I was in the community of the first Christians, in the atmosphere full of peace, love and brotherhood… read the whole testimony »

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Das Erlebnis mit lebendigen Jesus

Anna Vlachová

Das war kein Plätzchen des Langweiles aber im Gegenteil des inneren Freude, die ist nichts zu beschreiben.Ich erhielt auch Gaben des Heiligen Geistes – die Gabe der Sprachen… read the whole testimony »

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Struck by the Holy Spirit

Marie Turková

The Holy Spirit is creating a great work.Things should happen after our hearts´ve opened and they really started to occur…..First of all, in a soft manner, then…. read the whole testimony »

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Jesus calls and brings us close to each other

Anna Němá

….this knowledge and feeling brought joy into the hearts of the presents.The peace and blowing of the Holy Spirit started to show intensely…. read the whole testimony »

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Jaroslav Koudelka

God´s taken away my grudge against my neighbours

Jaroslav Koudelka

I´ve never felt so fresh and strong like here in the presence of the Holy Spirit…. read the whole testimony »

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Marie Konupková

It´s God whom we should thank

Marie Konupková

………it was a time when I could experience the fact that I´d obtained of plenty of mercies and Holy Spirit´s gifts……… read the whole testimony »

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Jana Kameníková

After the death of our son

Jana Kameníková

….I´ve never heard and experienced so strongly the praises in tongues and the presence of the Holy Spirit.The enormous joy´s remained in my heart. Nowdays I read the Scripture every day and suddenly I perceive the people around me in a different way…. read the whole testimony »

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The experience with living Jesus

Ludmila Hyánková

…It wasn´t the place of boredom but it was the place of inner joy that defied any description….I´ve also received the gifts of the Holy Spirit – the gift of tongues…. read the whole testimony »

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My faith was half-hearted

Ivana Holíková

….I read heard prayed but it wasn`t it.It went past me.It wasn`t sincere…. read the whole testimony »

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The picture of Jesus fell on me…

Zlata Agbabová

The picture of Jesus fell on me….. read the whole testimony »

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