Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.
1 John 3,16

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Jesus´s changed my life

Miloslava Zlatušková

I was trying to solve the problems of my life in my own way until I met the living Jesus….. Jesus´s changed my life

I attended the church but I didn´t know God much and didn´t believe in the power of prayer.I was trying to solve the problems in my life in my own way until I met the living Jesus and His love in the Holy Spirit.Several times I´ve felt the God´s presence intensely, surrendered my life to Him and opened my heart for Him.And He started to work in my life.I experience His love, help, comfort and encouragement.I´m getting over all the difficulties with his help in this valley of tears and haste.I know he´s leading me to the eternal joy and has prepared for me the happiness that lasts forever.I´ve got hope, certainty and joy that nobody will ever take me.When I´m with Jesus I´ve known what I shall avoid, what I shall respect, what´s worth effort and sacrifice.I´ve known how passing the human happiness is and how beautiful is the life with Jesus although I keep on getting over various diffulties.However, I´m not alone and so I can sing.


„Every day the Lord gives me the strength, when I walk with Him I don´t need to be afraid.“


The One who loves you has come into your sadness, worries and anxieties and He´ll rescue you from them.The Lord of the Lords, the King of the Kings was given to all of us.“


So don´t hesitate to open your heart to Jesus, surrender your life to Him and accept Him like your Lord and Saviour.Don´t overhear his quiet voice that might be speaking to you:



Jesus is inviting you to his kingdom!
I wish from the bottom of my heart you could encounter the living Jesus.
Miloslava, Otrokovice

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