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God´s healing at P.Pio´s intercession

Ludmila Žeravíková

I announce and at the same time I believe that my case concerns the supernatural God´s intervention that had been carried out by P.Pio´s intercession which I also confirm veracity of the statement of senior consultant Matras from Vienna, which I also put my own signature to.Ludmila Žeravíková Zlín. God´s healing at P.Pio´s intercession

By way of introduction of this testimony we put the web pages manager´s annotation of how Ms.Žeravčíková´s testimony ended up in the web pages  www.Ježí

Judge for yourselves:

It´s arrived in an e.mail on 29-11-2005


I´m sending you this lady´s testimony who was cured miraculously by P.Pio´s intercession in 1938.She´s living here in Zlín!!! This testimony is really outstanding.Hanka Kubalová, who recently sent you her evidence, gave it to me.The circumstances of this evidence are very interesting, so I´m going to write them to you.Hanka´s recently read a book about P.Pio and also watched a video cassette about his life.She took a great fancy to this priest who made a great impression on her.A couple of days later, an elderly lady came to the place where she worked because of taking of blood samples.He´s working in a lab as a nurse.She noticed that this lady had a peculiar skin different from other people´s one but healthy.When she asked her about it, the lady started talking about how she´d been suffering from the „hippo skin“ and thanks to P.Pio, who´d prayed for her, was cured miraculously.So like this, she happened to give out this testimony ( she´s already made an attempt to do it earlier but nobody was interested in it.) direcly to our Hanka! It happened in such a big city like Zlín where she´s living now alone.That´s why Hanka goes to see her.In this manner God puts people together, those ones who need each other.( the end of quotation )




I, Ludmila Žeravíková, with maiden name Vranková, born on September, 9, 1928 in Babice near Uherské Hradiště give out this testimony about my recovery which I was given by P.Pio´s intercession in 1938.

According to my mother´s account, blisters started forming on all the surface of my body just after my mother´d given me the birth.Some time later, my skin began to crack and to grow in the scaly.form of ash-grey-black colour.The skin was hard, dry, without subcutanous grease and it had to be constantly treated by the small rough stone and greasing of clear vaseline.

My state of health made my parents very sad mainly because both older siblings didn´t have any health problems.My parents and I visited the local doctor MUDR.Petrželka, who referred me to the faculty hospital St.Anne in Brno Pekařská Street. Later, I was being treated by senior consultant Valina at the district hospital in Uherské Hradiště.As the treatment didn´t have any effect, doctors sent me to undergo a medical treatment in Vienna.It was in 1934, when I was six.I received treatment for two months.The hospital was called „General hospital“ (Allgemeine Krankenhaus).The doctors were all at sea.They termed my illness as ICHTIOSIS and told my parents´ friends (who were called Mr.and Ms.Kožíšek from the Czech Republic and who mediated me this treatment in Vienna) to take me back.They were at their wits´end.So, Mr. and Ms.Kožíšek took me to their place in the Hiteldorfstrasse 211 in Vienna.They treated me by greasing and bathing here.I was feeling there as if they were my own parents.They and I attended Masses in a Vienna church.Once after the Holy Mass was

over, a certain lady seemed to take interest in me.She was Mr. and Ms.Kožíšek´s acquaintance who´d recommended them that a group of pilgrims and I could visit Rome and meet the stigmatized priest P.Pio here.

In 1938 when I was ten, I went on the pilgrimage to Italy.In summer of 1938 I came with other pilgrims to Italy.In San Giovanni Rotondo our group visited P.Pio.I only remember a priest from our group going to P.Pio and asked him ( through interpreter ) to pray for me so that I might be healed.He went on asking P.Pio if I could go to the first Holy Communion as I hadn´t received it so far.After giving a thought to it, P.Pio told interpreter I´d be healed.At the same time he told him next morning he himself was going to give me the first Holy Communion.The priest announced P.Pio´s statement to all our group.

On the next morning other members of our group and I were at the P.Pio´s Mass which I´d been given the first Holy Communion by this priest and I could smell pleasant odour of the most beautiful brier roses from his stigmatized hands.After the Holy Mass P.Pio called the priest of our group and told him to hand  a small wooden cross over to me saying:”I wouldn´t give it to anyone else but I know she won´t disdain it.”It´d been smelling of dogroses for a few years as well.I´ve been preserving this P.Pio´s keepsake until now.We´d been in Italy for about two weeks and during this time my skin had gradually started to heal and bit by bit I took off my dressings that had been bandaged all around my body.Scales were falling down and dirty black colour was dissappearing as well.After my returning from Italy I stayed at Mr.and Ms.Kožíšek place. Later, Ms.Kožíšek suggested that we should pray a novena to P.Pio so that I might see my doctors.On the ninth day, there was a bell and a man from hospital staff told me to come to the hospital as the specialists´d like to examine me.On the very next day the senior consultant received me ( he´d been treated me before ).When he saw me, he lamented and cried out:”What have you been doing to this child?”.Ms.Kožíšek told him all my story about my pilgrimage to Italy.Then, the senior consultant said:”Well, this is a miracle.”

The P.Pio´s interpreter was in correspondence with that old lady who´d advised us to see P.Pio and during my stay in Vienna I learnt that the interpreter´d written to her P.Pio had suffered so much after my recovery that his closest friends´d been afraid he was going to die.Like this, he actually took my suffering upon himself.After returning from Italy I stayed at Kožíšek place until my eighteenth birthday.

Unfortunately, I don´t have any medical reports nor evidences to prove my testimony but I can prove it by showing my photos from the time before and after the healing.

I announce and at the same time I believe that my case concerns the supernatural God´s intervention that had been carried out by P.Pio´s intercession which I also confirm veracity of the statement of seniour consultant Matra from Vienna, which I also put my own signature to.


                                                                                       Ludmila Žeravíková Zlín.


As far as the photos are concerned: above, a ten- year-old Ludmila Vranková, the picture of her illness, the picture after healing and a photo of P.Pio who interceded for her and then she was miraculously healed through God´s intervention.

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